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its vital role in our health and well-being, its significant contribution to a thriving economy, and to a better quality of life for all

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 A Strategic Approach

The Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership (GLNP) is a County based group that is concerned with the conservation of the natural environment which supports our economy and well-being. It has produced a set of objectives from which a focused work programme is derived. The GLNP has adopted spatial frameworks that can guide the protection and improvement of strategically important green infrastructure and biodiversity For more details also see here.

Strategic Green Infrastructure Framework
Strategic Green Infrastructure
Gloucestershire's Natural Environment
Gloucestershire is a highly diverse county in terms of its geology, landscape and biodiversity. It has three major rivers, the urban settlements of Gloucester and Cheltenham, plus three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The main landscapes range from the Wye Valley with its ravine landform and ancient woodlands in the west, to the streams of the Cotswold plateau in the east. In the Forest of Dean there is a wealth of habitats including acid grassland, heath and oak woodland some of which have colonised areas of previous industrial use. The River Severn, and its floodplain and estuary, occupies the centre of the county and is important for wintering wildfowl and breeding waders. The Cotswold escarpment has hectares of unspoilt limestone grassland and beech woodland to enjoy. The Cotswold Water Park with its many old and new mineral workings supports a great variety of biodiversity and is a popular destination for recreation. In the north the county is bordered by the Malverns with their famous and distinctive hills.
Natural Capital
Natural Capital can be defined as the planet's stocks of natural assets which include geology, soil, air, water and biodiversity. People derive a wide range of ecosystem services (see box on the right) from this Natural Capital such as water and atmospheric purification, nutrient recycling, flood alleviation, energy, food and the health benefits of recreation and the enjoyment of nature. The Gloucestershire LNP wants to see landscapes rich in nature, where wild species and habitats are part of healthy, functioning ecosystems that are well-managed and valued by everyone. The conservation of nature has social, cultural and economic value and should be a normal consideration for most policies and decisions.
For habitat and species conservation see more within our biodiversity and plan pages
For geodiversity conservation see the Gloucestershire Geology Trust website 
Cam Long Down, Severn Vale
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Gloucestershire's LNP
In July 2012 the government (Defra) formally recognised the establishment of the Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership or LNP. To find out more see the Partnership pages.
Strategy & Delivery Plan
A strategic change to co-ordinating action for the County's biodiversity was made in 2010 and this has been recognised and integrated into the work of the LNP. An ecosystem and ecological network approach to conservation action is being taken including promoting climate change adaptation and improving green infrastructure. To find out more visit The Plan pages.
Delivery is being progressed by many LNP members through a number of linked landscape-scale and community initiatives.
Ecosystem Services
What are ecosystem services? Download our summary document Ecosystem_Services.pdf. For more on ecosystems see our biodiversity pages.
The Value of Nature
In 2011 the government produced a report for parliament 'The Natural Choice: securing the value of nature' which can be accessed here.
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