What is biodiversity?
  Biodiversity is the whole variety of life on Earth, all species of plants and animals, their genetic variation and the habitats they are part of. It includes not just the rare or the threatened but also the wildlife that is familiar to us in the places where we live and work. It is an important part of our Natural Capital.
Biodiversity in Gloucestershire
  Gloucestershire is renowned for the diversity and scenic beauty of its landscape and wildlife. This is based on the fact it has very varied geology, geomorphology, soils and land use. There are many designated sites for nature conservation and Gloucestershire is the location for three great rivers - the Severn, the Thames and the Wye.
National Character Areas
  National Character Areas are landscape of England with similar characteristic features and associated natural and man-made features. They reflect geology, land-use and land use history rather than administrative boundaries. They provide a more meaningful basis on which to evaluate our natural resources.
Biodiversity Loss
  Every day species' extinctions are continuing at up to 1,000 times or more the natural rate.  Stable populations may well  be below target levels.  Not only are these extinctions irreversible, but they also pose a serious threat to our health and well-being.

Now see our Plan and Delivery pages to see what is happening locally that will help biodiversity as well as other elements of our Natural Capital.


Pyramidal Orchid 


Biodiversity Planning Toolkit

A United Kingdom partnership has produced a 'Biodiversity Planning Toolkit' which was developed by the Association of Local Government Ecologists with a wide range of conservation and planning organisations.

Biodiversity Convention

Information on the International Convention on Biodiversity

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